Shrouded Citadel Beam Hosting Services


We provide services directly to Beam Streamers and Beam Stream Teams giving them opportunities they might not have had before. We host gaming servers, websites, domains and more entirely for free. We believe in providing value to the community and in return the community may support us if they wish to do so to cover the costs of hosting, infrastructure, maintenance, updates and labor.

Game Server Hosting
If there is a game out there that has server files, then we’ll find a way to host it!
From Ark: Survival to Rust to 7 Days To Die we have a wide array of games we can host and manage.
Dedicated Server Hosting
We can manage Dedicated Servers using them to host gaming servers, web servers, VPS’s, file hosting, and much more. Hosted on Enterprise Grade Hardware with Tier 1 fiber carriers we have a solid hosting platform. There are endless possibilities, no matter what you need, we have you covered.
DDoS Protected
Whether you believe you need protection or not, it’s a matter of prevention if one does occur to ensure your server is still online. We have Enterprise DDoS Protection with automated rapid IP failovers to ensure your server is always online 24/7.
Personal Support
We believe you’re worth more than a customer ID number. We want to get to help you on a personal level seeing what your interests are and how we can better help you. We want to help you in the short run and long run of planning out new ideas and goals to help us both expand and benefit.

We’re Shrouded Citadel, in order to keep those hamsters treading hard, we have to feed them and give them high-quality water! They’re very picky as well! They only eat premium food which costs much more than pizza. What’s worse is the water they drink is of much higher quality than my quality. I know… a very sad day indeed.

If those hamsters ever stop running so will our servers so we need your support to host the servers! They’re entirely hosted for free for the Beam Streamers and Beam Stream teams we support. We do not want to be a burden on streamers and simply want us as well as the Beam community to enjoy it more!

If you help us feed and drink the hamsters we’ll provide you with awesome stuff (maybe), the hamsters aren’t very giving as they already work hard enough, however, if you feed them a lot they tend to be lenient and give a bit of something.

So if you would like to donate to help keep us online by covering the costs feel free to!
Thank you!






Reliable Hardware
Hosted on rock solid enterprise hardware located in top data centers around the world from tier 1 internet carriers, you’re guaranteed an outstanding uptime.
Customer Care
We want to work directly with you to ensure you’re getting what you’re looking for and ensuring we’re getting it right the first time.
Unlimited Potential
Who knows where you’ll start and end up in the long run! We’re here to ensure you’re hosted and supplied with what you need to start out and grow!
Recognized Quality
Top Beam Streamers and top Beam Stream Teams rely on us to ensure their servers are hosted on quality services.
Technical Experts
We’ve been hosting for years in various industries and know what’s needed and not needed, we’re not going to try to push you for things that don’t benefit you and only benefit us.
Great Infrastructure
We’ve designed our entire system to be as scalable as possible allowing us to expand and grow as rapid as we possibly can if there’s ever a need for new servers, games or upcoming events, we can have it supplied.


Here are a few of our Beam Streamers that supported our ideas and visions before we ever began. They are the reason we continue to grow and they continue to grow due to providing platforms for their communities to grow and thrive in. This is what they have to say about us.

"Shrouded Citadel is the one you can trust to help you out and set you up what you're needing."
Murderklok, Microsoft
"Absolutely amazing service and with all the servers we're hosting it's phenomenally solid with no downtime nor lag!"
Lumberjack Dade
Lumberjack Dade, Microsoft
"If you're wanting to work with a professional company that you want to work with a reliable company that lives up to their word, they're the ones for you."
Doctor Fark
Doctor Fark, Microsoft
"Shrouded Citadel is so amazing to work with, even with new upcoming games they found a way to release servers within a few hours of them releasing!"
Queen Wolf
Queen Wolf, Microsoft


Have any questions, concerns or inquiries? Feel free to message us and we'll reply within 48 hours.

Trust us, setting you up with a server or some service can be extremely easy and not scary as many may believe. We're here to help you not only start out, but grow and have you support us in return, it's what makes a community a community after all.

Try to provide us with the following:

  • Product / Service you’re inquiring about & what specifically you’re needing. Ex: How many servers/games are needed

  • Link to your Beam & Discord Account Name

  • Any additional information on how our services can benefit you.

  • What you can provide back to support us. This is after all, a community and we want to ensure both parties are helping each other grow and expand.